that gif post from tom and jerry, of the heavenly express and the three kittens, and the cat saying "what some people wont do", WHAT DOES IT MEAN? like i love tom and jerry and i remember watching that eppisode but its getting me so frustrated i cant get the meaning of it, please tell me and i will love you

it was just a lil gag while tom queued for heaven, the kitties were drowned at birth

95% of my followers and inactive and I lost over 4 stone so I can post selfies like this

i discovered two weeks by fka twigs today and listened to it non-stop this is the kinda music i need more of in my life

i love azealia banks image and sound so much

i went to have a couple of spoonfulls of my vegetarian jelly and ended up eating the whole bowl, oops


  • No 2NE1 won’t disband.